The area of expertise covers a broad range of optical engineering services. It particularly includes theoretical modeling, design and analysis of optical systems for imaging and illumination applications. Berlich Optical Systems Engineering provides engineering and consulting services ranging from design studies to specific performance assessments of optical systems, i.e. with respect to optical tolerancing and straylight. These services are based on analytical as well as computational assessments and utilize state of the art optical design and programming software such as Zemax and Matlab. Moreover, Berlich Optical Systems Engineering offers the development of customized numerical tools for specific optical engineering tasks. In addition to an expertise in conventional optical systems such as telescopes, cameras and microscopes, the competences span specialized areas including

Simulation of light diffraction at a blazed transmission grating based on a Rigrous Coupled Wave Analysis.

  • Ÿ Adaptive optics
  •  Microoptics
  • Ÿ Hyper spectral imaging
  • Ÿ Computer generated holograms
  • Ÿ Diffractive optics
  • Ÿ Multi-aperture optical systems
  • Ÿ 3D imaging
  • Ÿ Pupil engineering
  • Computational photonics